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Online Course: Query With Confidence & Find an Agent

Online Course: Query With Confidence & Find an Agent

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Querying literary agents can be stressful, and understanding the path to representation and the landscape of traditional publishing can be overwhelming.

We’ve made it our goal to demystify the process of writing an excellent query letter, and share what it takes to find and land a literary agent that's right for you.

In Query With Confidenceyou'll learn how to get your work in front of agents—and get them excited about your stories. (This is for writers of FICTION or MEMOIR.)

This Course Covers:

  • Week 1: Introduction to Querying & The Publishing Landscape
  • Week 2: Drafting & Refining Your Query Letter
  • Week 3: How to Query
  • Week 4: Sustaining The Journey

Plus, Bonus Material:

  • Writing A Synopsis
  • Q&A with Authors: My Querying Journey
  • Interviews w/ Agents

    Each Week Features:

    • 🖥️ Course Material - A pre-recorded lesson, videos, and/or workbooks.
    • 🎯 A Clear Action - To help you make progress and move forward each week.

    Learn how to query with confidence with us!

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